Modular Learn in an agile approach iteratively, start from basics and progress to advanced skip the basic if you feel so

2 hours Modules are scheduled any 2 hours of day. leaving rest of the time for day job.

Focused Design your own training path priortise the course that will help your team the most.


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People Invest in people who will work and lead your agile teams.

Process Work with experienced professionals to define and redefine processes that work for your team.

Tool Leverage from the knowledge and expertise of number of tools that boost your software development.

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Assessment Its FREE. Work with us to assess your agile strengths and areas of improvement.

Pilot Run pilot projects with small teams to adopt agile on simple projects supported by coaching.

Tailor practices to suit your needs. New adopters hurt the most when they try to follow a manual. Agile is adaptable to your business needs.

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Lean Engagements is committed to create a lasting lean capability for our clients. En-route to lean operations, it requires deep change to way teams go about their daily business. With our approach of combining training and coaching, we are able to help clients build in house talent pool to create sustainable lean environment.

We provide lean, agile. scrum traning courses in Sydney, Canberra & Melbourne.